Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I wonder why we are not called USers?

I wonder, if the people from Great Britain are called "British" not "Britians", why are those of us from the United States of America called "Americans?

Aren't Americans anyone from the three areas of the Americas, North, Central and South America?

United Statesers or United Statesians are too unwieldy, but perhaps we could be USers? LOL

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I wonder if anyone else hates the new Webshots, called "Smile"

I wonder if anyone else hates the new Webshots, called "Smile"?
I just posted this on the Webshots/Smile Facebook page: 
"Your new web site, Smile, is horrible! what you've done by not letting us import the captions and names of pictures, or more them in album form is a huge waster of people's time! I am livid!
I tried moving everything, it did and then it changed my desktop photo and when I tried, in my settings, to change it back to plain blue, it keeps changing it to a different motif.
Your service is too invasive. I HATE it and want my pictures off of it! I've downloaded them to my desktop and will NOT pay fro this service! I WANT out!
I belong to a group of over 1600 from all over the world and no one plans on using Smile.
I think you have miscalculated how many people will want EVERY photo from their phone, or Facebook to magically appear on your site.
I usually wish new businesses well. I hope yours fails miserably! I wish I could start a class action suit for the person/hours you have collectively wasted of former Webshots members, many of us who PAID for our membership, for the cost of the time it will take to redo all our albums, captions and titles!
And, when I tried to send you this message through your "help", it wouldn't even let me unless I read three of your answers to FAQ first! Are you kidding me? You really do not even want to hear any criticism, do you? Foolish of you, just like the entire concept of "Smile", which is just making everyone frown!"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Origins of "Latino"

I can't help but wonder why, since all the so-called "romance" languages are rooted in Latin, why people of Spanish descent are referred to as "Latinos" while those of French, and Italian (the "origin" people of Latin descent) aren't?