Friday, July 15, 2016

If you'll join my "oneness" Blueprint for Peace on Earth

The majority of humans (and animals too if they could tell us) on Earth seem to agree, all this violence and destruction of our planet BOTH have to stop.

It will take great bravery, the bravery to get rid of the divisiveness which causes bigotry, war and other evils.

I have  challenges for:
The Media
The Politicians
The average person

1. STOP labeling!

Media , if you are going to call the people, some of who only have some their ancestors come from Africa, "African Americans", then call all those who ancestors came from Europe, "European Americans", and those from South American, South Americans (gee that doesn't work does it? That says something about our proprietary use of the word "American" too!)

Do we, in the US, refer to Canadians as the "other" North Americans? Do you refer or those with ancestors in Asia "Asian Americans" when you speak or write of any of those in a news report, even if they are US citizens?. By singling out "African American" and others, like "Hispanic", you are allowing and fostering the idea that the default "American" is Caucasian. Those descriptions need only be used to describe when a description is necessary, as in a police report,  not to label, and there is a difference. And then every person who is mentioned should be referred to that way! Let's see if the cumbersomeness of  those sentences will make you realize what it is you are doing by labeling only some people!
"A crowd, 30 of European descent, 2 of Asian descent, 5 of African descent, 5 whose parents came from assorted Latin American countries and 8 who have mixed racial background, showed up for the opening of the new mall here in town."

 I have news for you, the ONLY default so-called "American" is what we call "Native" American! They are the only true Americans!

Continuing to label only SOME groups causes divisiveness! ONLY by your example can a difference in the way people think begin. A change in language changes culture! Be part of the cure not the cause!

2. Stop praying (or holding good thoughts) for a single group

I am quite sure that if God does exist, he, she or it (or they) is/are all loving, and appalled at what humans are doing to one another and the Earth! Differences in the way we worship cause more divisiveness than anything! Those who do believe in God vilify those who don't. I'd like to think a supreme being would find that petty and ridiculous!

Politicians, religious leaders, leaders of all kinds in the USA, every country, I implore you. Especially those in "America". Be brave, WE don't need God to just "bless America" (or Canada, or the Queen or whoever). What we need is for God, if it exists, to BLESS HUMANITY and the EARTH! Many of the places like America are already quite blessed! Other places need blessing much more!
But, in the end, to stop the violence, hatred and killing, we all need it, as ONE!

Stand up Queen of England, Stand up Pope Francis! Stand up Presidential candidates! Be brave enough to bless all the earth and its inhabitants and MEAN it! It may be the only way out of the religious, political divisiveness and the travesty of pollution of our mutual home!

Continuing to pray for only SOME groups causes divisiveness! ONLY by your example can a difference in the way people think begin. A change in language changes culture! Be part of the cure not the cause!

3. Humans are "herd" or "tribe" animals. This is an instinct in our DNA for protection.  We tend to think in terms of "us" and "them". Four women in a room of five people will become an "us". We feel good for some reason when we are driving out of state and see a car with license plate from "our" state! Lefties take note of other lefties...etc. You get the idea.

So I challenge you all! You've heard the phrase, "Act locally, think globally"? It is time to apply in in new ways. Let's think of humanity as our herd and be protective of ALL of it! End divisiveness!

I guarantee you that if Earth were attacked by a threat from outer space, suddenly all humankind would be out to save humanity, and that's ALL humanity! Because then everyone would see the "oneness" of it all!

4. Don't just talk about it, ACT!

Many of us post our grief and support online for everyone to see. What good does that do but to make one feel more a part of the group who grieves, and perhaps gives a little feeling of love to those directly effected by these tragedies, be they from terror or natural disasters. Except for the warped few who perpetrate these atrocities, all humans are one with the grieving group!

I challenge YOU to challenge your local media and leaders of all kinds to make "oneness" happen.

Feel free to post this, give others the link,  or pass it on to politicians, your local media etc. Let's create a "oneness" movement together!.